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Making Computers Take Care of Themselves Since 1997!

Miami Beach, FL – 305.879.5585

Sarasota, FL 941.879.5150

Hollywood, CA323.825.1508

Manhattan, NY – 646.389.0151

Full 5 Year Warranty!

“Computer Repair The Right Way”

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Our Services:

  • Spyware and Virus Protection

  • Emergency Overnight Service

  • Website Design & Hosting

  • OS X – Windows & Linux

  • Software / Hardware

  • iPhone Repair

  • Xbox Repair

My buddy, who works for the local fire department was flustered and aggravated. He told me a local computer company had to keep coming back to fix his PC. At $80 to $120 per hour, that gets quite expensive. So, I made the remark, “make the computer take care of itself.” Making Computers, makes sure your software updates itself and protects you against the worst of threats. Sales people either don’t know or don’t tell you what protection you need. This is what destroys our operating system as well as causing hardware to malfunction, or even stop working. So my promise to you is this “I will not have to come back to work on your computer, as it will take care of itself.”